Overall Initiative

Family violence and street violence not only hurt those directly involved, but also negatively affect the greater San Francisco community. To reduce the negative effects of family violence and street violence, Mayor Edwin M. Lee launched the Interrupt, Predict and Organize (IPO) initiative in 2012. Since 2012, the Mayor’s Office and community organizations have worked together to create solutions to prevent violence and intervene in ongoing violence.

The name of the initiative describes, in shorthand, the different efforts that make it up:

  • An effort to interrupt violence by increasing public safety efforts in violence “hot spots” identified by the San Francisco Police Department.
  • An effort to leverage existing data and innovative software to predict crimes and take preventative action.
  • An effort to organize community-based services and activities to amplify their positive impact.

Our Part

Our office focuses on the “organize” part of the IPO initiative. We oversee and coordinate efforts that involve dozens of city departments, community-based and faith-based organizations. These efforts include the Street Violence Intervention Program, the Street Violence Response Team, and the Youth Employment Program.